Protecting Your People & Property

As a manufacturer, you are faced with the significant task of protecting the personnel and assets across your organization while providing a safe working environment. These challenges include monitoring of assembly production, shipping and receiving areas, preventing and reducing theft, and providing forensic data for liability investigations. Prime Communications provides the tools your facility needs to allow you to cost-effectively meet these demands. We bring a range of manufacturing experience, innovative thinking and the application of technology-driven solutions to address these issues. Prime Communications specializes in integrated IP-based physical security, access control, and intrusion detection solutions to assist you in effectively meeting your unique objectives.

Improving Safety & Efficiency

Infrastructure continues to play a vital role in today’s technology, but how it’s used continues to evolve; specifically in the manufacturing sector. Infrastructure in conjunction with other technologies including IP video, wireless applications, and sensor platforms is a key factor in improving safety and efficiency.

With our expertise in network cabling, you will achieve unprecedented management, efficiency, and agility across your enterprise. Additionally, our testing practices take the risk and guesswork out the deployment. Your infrastructure will be pre-tested and ready to launch. Our cloud-based applications allow you access to testing results, cloud-based floorplans, and project management capabilities in real-time. Prime’s solutions take full advantage of today’s high-performing cabling and switching capabilities to optimize performance.

Perimeter Protection
Centralized Monitoring
Lan Cable