Prime Exhibiting at RILA Asset Protection 2018

Prime is attending the RILA Asset Protection Conference, April 30th- May 1st in Orlando, Florida. RILA’s Asset Protection conference offers educational sessions, networking with industry experts, and a chance to see the latest technology on the show floor. Prime will be giving demos of our integrated security solution which includes products by Genetec, Axis, and Aruba.

Stop by and see us at booth 229

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Prime Opens 3 Additional Hub Locations

This last year was such a successful year for Prime that we have found it necessary to expand our reach; in order to broaden our coverage, we have implemented a regional hub model. To begin with, we are opening three hub locations in the Dallas, Omaha, and the Cleveland area. These additional locations will allow our field technicians to be closer to our clients and where most of our work occurs. This allows for improved support, quality assurance, and a quicker turnaround for projects.


Hub Locations

Not only does this mean an improved experience for our clients but also enhances our technician’s experience. They will receive better training, coaching opportunities, and reduced travel time. We are excited to increase our visibility and be able to serve our clients better.

PrimeLive: In-House Developed Project Management App

Over the past five years, Prime Communications developers have been perfecting the ultimate project management app for large cabling projects, we call it PrimeLive. PrimeLive is a cloud-based solution that offers real-time status updates from our technicians in the field to our project coordinators at headquarters. Project coordinators are now more effectively able to see the status of current projects and evaluate the performance of the cabling technicians in real time. The power of PrimeLive is that it can identify and solve the major issues that many teams run into when managing large cabling rollouts. Project managers can identify potential challenges with the project early on enabling them to be proactive, more effectively managing timelines and ensuring quality work is completed. Here is a further look at the powerful tools PrimeLive has to offer:

  • Project Management Tool
    • Track Progress on Projects
    • Capture & Upload Pictures
    • Upload Cabling Results
  • Site Assessment tool
  • Quality Assurance Tool
  • Tech and Project Scorecard
    • Rate Tech Performance
    • Provide Surveys for Client

PrimeLive is just another example of how Prime goes above and beyond to provide the best experience possible for our clients. To learn more about how working with Prime and our powerful project management app PrimeLive contact us at

Prime Rollouts Their National Account Client Program

The Prime team spent a good amount of 2017 planning, developing processes, support teams, and account managers for the National Account Client Program. As of Quarter 1, 2018, we are excited to announce that we have officially released our National Account Client Program for new and existing customers. At Prime we see our clients as partners who want to grow and expand their business, we want to assist them with that growth. By offering the National Account Client Program to our partners, they are receiving a one of a kind service. The National Account Client Program eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, different pricing scales, and differing levels of support. There are many benefits to being enrolled in the client program, here are some of the features we are most excited about:


  • Master Service Agreement
  • Customized Solution
  • Pricing Integrity
  • Project Management
  • Designated Support Team
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Standards Document
  • Professional Services
  • 24/7 Automated Support Desk
  • Client Portal
  • Automated Ticket Response
  • Monthly Reporting

What to Expect With Our Process

Prime's Proven Process

Prime’s Proven Process












Our early enrollment clients include major brands such as Signet Jewelers, Meijer, and Ross Stores. We have received very positive feedback with regards to how easy it is to work with Prime due to the support and responsiveness the client program delivers.

“Prime is one of the best integrators that we have worked with!”

-Ross Stores

If you would like to learn about the full-service offering you can download the National Account Client Program booklet, The Prime Playbook, or contact us at